Studio FUNC.

Studio FUNC. is a multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on interior design. We thrive when given the opportunity to create functional solutions through extraordinary designs. Combining existing materials and spaces in a sustainable way to create surprising designs that work, that is what we do!

Based in The Hague, the Netherlands, we work in our atelier in which we are able to create a wide range of functional products. We are a small, flexible and hands-on design studio, able to help individuals or businesses in many ways. From a consulting role or the creation of new concepts, to designing complete interiors for a private or professional setting. In addition, we create individually designed products, textiles and works of art that can be bought from us directly.


A part of the reason Studio FUNC was founded, is out of frustration. There is nothing more annoying than non-functional designs. Be it products that don’t do what they should or a layout that looks good on paper but is not efficient in use. We work with a practical and pragmatic philosophy in all our designs. Nothing wrong with something that looks good too, but without functionality its useless.

Our expertise lays in designing unique concepts or interiors which surprise the client and guest in a creative way, whilst providing a comfortable experience. Preferably, by combining and up-cycling different products and materials at hand, in order to create new solutions.