What the FUNC ?

Studio FUNC was founded in 2018 by Jan de Koning (1982). Together with an international team of creatives, he combined all previous experiences into this muliti-disciplinary design studio with a focus on interior design.  

On this page we provide some background on Jan de Koning and the way Studio FUNC was created.


As a teenager, influenced by the hip-hop culture of the 80’s and 90’s, the importance of developing one’s own style became clear. Graffiti was the mode in which he developed his drawing skills and where his love for font started. Experimenting with different inks, paints and techniques on a wide array of surfaces is at the base of Studio FUNC.


His love for sports helped nurture a competitiveness and created an appreciation for team effort. Through surfing he managed to travel the world and experience different cultures. Broadening your horizons creates new perspectives.


The hunt for the perfect wave turned out the be the foundation of his first business endeavor, Holanda Custom Surfboards. The shaping of a surfboard is an art and a craft by itself and it opened his eyes to a whole new field of design. It gave him knowledge of more diverse materials and techniques.


In between al these adventures and experiments, Jan managed to finish his Bachelor of Commerce and a Master's in Economics. Showing perseverance and discipline by graduating, it also shaped his line of thought in a analytic and strategic way. Combining his business sense with the creative and artistic attributes was the start of the next phase.


Long story short, Jan combined all of the above into a new hospitality concept by the name of KINGKOOL. A contemporary view on affordable accommodation. A hostel in the centre of The Hague, combining dorms with private rooms, all themed and creative use of space and materials. Building this concept from scratch, gave him vast knowledge of all construction disciplines, permits and legal obstacles involved.


During the writing of his thesis, economic influences of sustainability, he gained vast knowledge on the many aspects of this topic. He started focusing on making a surfboard as environmentally friendly as possible. During the KINGKOOL project, he got the chance to rebuild a monumental building. Coming across old materials, reclaiming and upcycling them into something new, strengthened  the concept and creating an unique vibe. Working with the products at hand and using materials in unconventional ways is one of the core principles of Studio FUNC.


With Kingkool operating steadily, it was time for new ambitions. That is how Studio FUNC was started. A chance to share knowledge and help create new things with our passion. Naturally, there is a lot of fun in FUNC but function before form!