Reporposed cans on wood, 65cm x 65cm, 2020.

We love working with spraypaint! Due to its wide range of colours, the fast drying time, the quality of the paint and the technical possibilities.

However, we do end up with many empty cans. A recent philosophy we try to incorporate into all our projects, is to repurpose/upcycle products and materials into something new. With this in mind we started experimenting with the cans themselves. We made some spraycan bouquets (have a look at the products) and we were left with these open cans.

This is our largest work with the cans so far,64Cans. We used resin to glue the cans onto wood and created an oldschool arched frame to border the cans, In this work we went for a colourful patern and a external fade from left to right. This creates a living feel to the work due to the changes of colour depending on your point of view.

Metal on wood with acrylic spraypaint
65cm X 65cm
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