A pair of handmade Air Max 1's by VIJZ bespokes.

The love for sneakers runs deep here at Studio FUNC. In 2019 we contacted Sam from VIJZ about creating a pair of bespoke Studio FUNC Air Max 1's.

Visiting his workshop was inspireing, all the different materials and machines, cool to see a trade which we are not familiar with and get an insight into the craft of creating a sneaker from skretch.

The plan was to challenge Sam with something wild. No sense in keeping a custom shoe as basic and similar to a clean stock shoe. So when we got the chance to pick all fabrics, it was like a candy shop and that's how the concept of this sneaker came together; WHAT THE VIJZ.

We combined about 30 different materials into the two shoes. Fleece, denim, corduroy, silk, leather, cement print, safari print, animal prints. It is a wild shoe!The back is embroided with the FUNC logo in multicolour yarn. Sam made all this come together into a high quality one-of-a-kind Air Max 1.


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