The Keg vase

The Keg vase

Our friends at Kingkool hostel run a bar. They tried out some local beers on tap and those came in plastic kegs that are single use only. By itself the keg is a cool shape, transparant and light. We found it a waste to throw these in the trash and thus we tried to come up with different ways to use the keg.

The ones you see here came in handy when we were decorating a hotel concept recently. We had many Silkka flowers to work with and we like a bit of volume in our flora so the kegs are a perfect option since they are quite large.

We put some weight in them by pouring concrete inside. Primed the plastic and painted them. In the photo's you see "The Golden keg" and the " Two tone keg". We still have a few left are are thinking to do something different with the rest.

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