StudioFUNC x TipToe

Combining Tiptoe to create an industrial look

In a recent hospitality project, we had creative freedom to design hotel rooms. In one room we went for a industrial feel. Combining wallpaper with flooring and tiles to get a concrete feel. It made sense to create custom concrete shelving and tables. We poored all types of slabs in the workshop, we let them dry for weeks and covered them with resin.

That's when we contacted Tiptoe for some of their super nice brackets and legs. The concept of the hotel is based around colour and we incorporated that by mixing the colours TipToe has to offer. We created a sidetable with with the 90cm legs and wall brackets. A bar style desk with the 110cm legs and wall brackets and we created a 2 tier stacked side table for decorational purpose by stacking two 45cm legs.

The result works well! These TipToe legs a well built and easy in use. Combined with our concrete slabs it creates a colourfull, functional and industrial look.


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