The Monument Hotel

Conceptualization and design of a new boutique hotel

Rebuilding a national monument in the city centre of The Hague into a boutique hotel.

The project started for us in 2019 with the whole permit phase. A national monument is always good fun to rebuilt but turning it into a hotel is a whole new situation. The city council threw many hoops our way and we had to jump through a few strange ones. They gave us a few limitations in the design and lay-out of the hotel, but we managed to create a unique hotel in the centre of The Hague.

In this hotel we did not give all rooms specific themes, but all rooms are different and create a unique athmosphere for the guest.

We were responsible for the whole lay-out of the hotel, the concept and the interior design. We had a chance to make many custom pieces of furniture and works of art to give each room a unique feel.

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